如何将您的护肤程序从夏季过渡到秋季 How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine from Summer to Fall

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Summer is synonymous with beach days, sun-kissed skin (hopefully sans the burn), naturally lightened hair, and, of course, a pared-down skin care routine consisting of lightweight products. But as the temperatures start to dip, it’s time to swap out your summer staples for richer options. Come fall, it’s not just your wardrobe that needs updating—your skin care requires a mini makeover, too.
What Happens to Your Skin in the Fall

“皮肤会识别气候变化并对其做出反应以调节其需求,”佛罗里达州博卡拉顿的董事会认证皮肤科医生 Jordana Herschthal 博士说。 “由于湿度有限,较冷、较干燥的空气通常会导致皮肤干燥,因此请使用能够保持水分并保护皮肤脂质屏障的产品以减少刺激,”Herschthal 博士补充道。不幸的是,干燥的皮肤并不是寒冷天气的唯一副产品——片状、痘痘、发红和暗沉也经常随之而来。
“The skin recognizes climate changes and reacts to them to regulate its needs,” says Dr. Jordana Herschthal, a board-certified dermatologist in Boca Raton, FL. “Cooler, drier air generally leads to drier skin because of limited humidity, so use products that maintain moisture and protect the skin’s lipid barrier to decrease irritations,” Dr. Herschthal adds. Unfortunately, dry skin isn’t the only by-product of cold weather—flakiness, breakouts, redness, and dullness often ensue, too.

Follow these expert tips to transition your skin care routine from summer to fall without causing a skin freak out.

Opt for Gentle Cleansers

Summer calls for gel-based or foaming cleansers that decrease oil production while encouraging cell turnover. But a summer approach to cleansing is not necessarily best for fall. Dr. Angela Lamb, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, explains that because the skin produces less oil during the winter, “it’s best to use cream-based cleansers or those with moisturizers.” Nevertheless, failing to switch up your cleanser, especially if it contains salicylic or glycolic acids, can lead to unnecessary dryness.

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Add in a Hydrating Serum

使用保湿霜是一回事,但添加含有更有效进入皮肤的活性成分的精华素,可以将您的补水游戏提升到另一个层次。 Lamb 博士建议在使用保湿霜之前使用精华素,因为它们会吸收水分。血清有多种形式,可针对细胞更新、保护和水合作用,以及其他问题。 “它们增加了额外的水合作用,并提高了皮肤产生胶原蛋白、弹性蛋白和透明质酸的能力,这有助于改善皮肤,”Herschthal 博士补充道。
Using a moisturizer is one thing, but adding a serum, which contains actives that get into the skin more potently, takes your hydration game to another level. Dr. Lamb recommends applying serums before moisturizers since they trap moisture. Serums are available in various forms to target cell renewal, protection, and hydration, amongst other concerns. “They add an extra level of hydration and boost the skin’s ability to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which help improve the skin,” adds Dr. Herschthal.

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Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer

夏季的三伏天是用质地丰富的保湿霜换取轻质配方的最佳时机。 Mariwalla 博士说:“较厚的产品可以锁住水分,而且由于夏季空气潮湿,并不总是需要大量保湿剂。”规则的例外情况:非常脱水的皮肤,全年需要大量水分,油性或易长粉刺的皮肤,最适合使用无重量的保湿霜。
The dog days of summer are the perfect time to trade rich, heavy moisturizers for lightweight formulas. Dr. Mariwalla says, “thicker products lock in moisture, and because the summer air is humid, a heavy moisturizer is not always necessary.” The exceptions to the rule: very dehydrated skin that requires intense moisture year-round and oily or acne-prone skin, which is most compatible with a weightless moisturizer.

对于我们其他人来说,夏季保湿霜的替代品是含有甘油、神经酰胺和透明质酸等成分的保湿霜,所有这些都可以恢复脂质屏障并滋润皮肤。 “此外,在水分有机会逸出之前,将润肤霜涂抹在潮湿的皮肤上,”兰姆博士补充道。
For the rest of us, alternate summer moisturizers for ones with ingredients like glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, all of which restore the lipid barrier and hydrate skin. “Also, apply your moisturizer to damp skin before the water has a chance to escape,” adds Dr. Lamb.

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Work in Retinol

视黄醇是抗衰老的金标准,但因为它会引起光敏性并导致炎症和发红,所以经验法则是在夏季避免(或减少)。但是,到了秋天,就完全是另外一回事了。维生素 A 衍生成分在帮助去角质和阳光引起的变色和褐斑方面发挥奇迹。 “我喜欢冬天的视黄醇,因为你不必担心阳光敏感,”纽约州西伊斯利普的董事会认证皮肤科医生 Kavita Mariwalla 博士说。她的建议是:晚上使用视黄醇,并使用富含肽的优质保湿霜。
Retinol is the anti-aging gold standard, but because it can cause photosensitivity and lead to inflammation and redness, the rule of thumb is to avoid it (or cut down on it) during the summer. But, come fall, it’s a whole other story. The vitamin-A-derived ingredient works wonders to assist in exfoliation and sun-induced discoloration and brown spots. “I like retinol in the winter because you have to worry less about sun sensitivity,” reveals Dr. Kavita Mariwalla, a board-certified dermatologist in West Islip, NY. Her advice: use retinol at night and top it off with a good peptide-rich moisturizer.

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不要放弃 SPF — 永远
Don’t Swear off SPF—Ever

即使您不是在下午闲逛池畔,防晒霜也需要成为您日常生活的一部分。阳光伤害可能在任何一天、任何时间和任何地点发生。 “在阴天,紫外线会穿透皮肤,增加患皮肤癌的风险并加速衰老,”赫施塔尔博士说,并补充说含有氧化锌和二氧化钛的矿物防晒霜对于阻挡 UVA 和 UVB 射线至关重要。
Even if you’re not spending the afternoon lounging poolside, sunscreen needs to be part of your daily routine. Sun damage can occur any day, any time, and anywhere. “In overcast weather, UV rays penetrate the skin, increasing your risk of skin cancer and accelerating aging,” says Dr. Herschthal, adding that mineral sunscreens with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are critical for blocking UVA and UVB rays.

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Amp up Your Body Lotion

“潮湿的空气中含有更多的水分,因此皮肤中的水分不会蒸发那么多,”Mariwalla 博士说。因此,虽然在夏天不经常使用润肤露更容易摆脱困境,但秋季就不是这样了。 “空气比较干燥,所以你皮肤中的天然水分容易流失。”此外,干燥的皮肤会变得发痒和发炎。
“Humid air has a greater water content, so the water in the skin does not evaporate as much,” says Dr. Mariwalla. So while it’s easier to get away with not regularly using body lotion during the summer, that’s not the case come fall. “The air is drier, so the natural water that your skin holds tends to be lost.” Plus, dry skin can become itchy and irritated.

Herschthal 博士建议不要使用含有干燥和刺激性成分(如香​​水)的乳液。交易的另一个技巧:投资一个好的加湿器,让你周围的空气尽可能湿润——你的皮肤会感谢你。
Dr. Herschthal recommends steering clear of lotions with drying and irritating ingredients, like fragrances. Another trick of the trade: invest in a good humidifier to keep the air around you as moist as possible—your skin will thank you.

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Don’t Pass Over Lip Balm

不仅仅是皮肤在寒冷的月份变得干燥。 嘴唇也是如此,它们会皲裂、剥落和开裂。 为防止干皱,在含有凡士林、甘油、蜂蜡或油的封闭香膏上刷一层以锁住水分。 唇膜也是一种选择。
It’s not just the skin that gets dry during the colder months. The lips do, too, and they can chap, flake, and crack. To prevent a dry pucker, swipe on a layer of an occlusive balm that contains petrolatum, glycerin, beeswax, or oils to lock in moisture. Lip masks are also an option.

Mariwalla 博士还提供了这样一条建议:“嘴唇会受到阳光伤害,这就是为什么使用唇部防晒霜来帮助消除色素沉着和老化很重要的原因。”
Dr. Mariwalla also offers this piece of advice: “The lips can experience sun damage, why is why it is important to use a lip sunscreen to help with pigmentation and aging.”

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